Hey Hopefuls!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

I hope this year is filled with good things, and that all your objectives and goals are achieved!


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To vote for carriehopefletcher, text ‘TEAMHOPEFULS' to 70050! :D


So for those of you that don’t know, @thatalexday and I are having a Christmas Jumper Contest! We bought each other the silliest jumpers we could find and we then have to wear them every day for a week (We will wash them don’t worry!). We’re then tweeting crazy, festive, creative pictures of ourselves for the WHOLE WEEK! Here’s where you come in. You can donate a £1 to either my Team (TEAMHOPEFULS) or Alex’s Team (TEAMSOPIO) depending on who’s pictures you enjoy the most! 

To donate all you need to do is text the team name of your choice to 70050 and £1 will be donated to Save the Children! 

So far, I am about £100 ahead of Alex but we are also number 1 and 2 on the Woolly Wonderboard on the Save the Children Website!!!! :O 

Please get donating! It’s for an amazing cause and it’s a lot of fun! :D 


… And thats what happens when you read ‘Harry Potter’.

 @CarrieHFletcher: Watch @Antonzetterholm meet the Hopeful Bear!



In which Eponine scares Enjolras.


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Carrie vs. Alex